Post image for Go Giants! Ketubah signing at AT&T Park San Francisco

Catholic-Jewish Co-officiated ceremony Ketubah signing at Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco

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Welcome to, an online Jewish and interfaith community featuring the teachings of Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill. website is a project of Ohr Shekinah, a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization.

Spiritual Leader of Ohr Shekinah

Rabbi Gershon is the spiritual leader of the Ohr Shekinah community, a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization, serving both locally and worldwide through his performance of lifecycle ceremonies, weddings, and seasonal celebrations, spiritual direction and  down to earth teachings about Jewish life.  Based in Oakland, California, Ohr Shekinah serves the local unaffiliated Jewish and interfaith community throughout  the San Francisco Bay Area and is available to perform ceremonies throughout California, the West Coast of U.S., Canada and Mexico.  In addition, Rabbi Gershon extends his teachings and spiritual direction worldwide through the website, a project of Ohr Shekinah.

Open minded and Down to Earth Perspective

Rabbi Gershon offers a refreshing open-minded perspective in his teachings that tend to demystify ancient religious and sacred texts. His writings and talks seek to create a  compassionate and rational understanding of the basic spiritual principles within Judaism, in a way that makes sense for living in the 21st century. He assists his community in developing less traditional avenues for cultural and religious ceremonies and lifestyles, and yet, maintain an authentic sense of their Jewish identity.

Reinterpretations of Ancient Sacred Texts

His re-interpretations of some of the most difficult issues presented in the biblical texts have helped many people around the globe both students and religious leaders rethink their understanding and interpretations. Some of the main issues he has focused on  over the years are reinterpretation of the biblical text on homosexuality, interfaith relationships and lifecycle ceremonies.

Website, Social Media, and Video Conferencing

Through this website, blog,  social media, and other state of the art communication technology, Rabbi Gershon is extending  his practice to  online communities worldwide.  In the coming months, opportunities to study and learn from him are being made available through modern virtual meeting technologies including video-conferencing.

We are working hard to create the content for Jewish and interfaith ceremonies for births, weddings, anniversaries and end of life/funerals. We’ll also be featuring teachings from the rabbi and chances to interact in online discussions. Stay tuned.

In the meantime you can contact Rabbi Gershon and’s office for more info:


Phone: 415-505-1169

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