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Friends and Followers of Rabbi Gershon’s Teachings,  

2013 is now drawing to a close. Rabbi Gershon and I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Over this past year many of you have contacted both Rabbi Gershon and myself privately and expressed your gratitude for the work he’s done creating The EcoKosher Rebbe website. In addition, you’ve sent him countless stories of healings, successful births and new jobs. Many of you have thanked him for the prayers and healing amulets he has been emailing for the past 20 years.

How Can I Contribute?

Many of you, who follow the Rabbi’s teachings have asked for a way to send a contribution to his organization so that you can help support his teachings and continue the Ecokosher Rebbe Website. This next year we have made plans to upgrade the website to it’s own URL and server host. This will give us ownership to the content and a place to make the site more accessible to you.

We’ve heard and listened to you. You now have an easy online way to contribute by using Paypal with the DONATE BUTTONS on this page. This is a safe and secure way of giving. In appreciation of your gift, you will receive  The Psalms for Health and Healings, compiled by Rabbi Gershon. The link for this PDF download teaching is on the ‘Thank you for Giving’ page, once your payment is processed.

Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill is the spiritual leader of the Ohr Shekinah Community [Light of the Divine Feminine]. We are a small 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit organization . We offer online Jewish and Interfaith services and teachings by Rabbi Gershon . We are dedicated to bringing the divine feminine energy back into ceremony, celebration and spiritual life.

The following online services are offered to our community:

  • Pastoral support and spiritual guidance
  • Blessings- Travel/Military/new home/fertility/ baby namings
  • Healing- amulets/bedside manner/hospice/ memorials
  • Teachings- Ask the Rabbi, Research, Torahscope, Weekly Parasha
  • Face to face private meetings with Rabbi Gershon are $125. per hour

What costs will my gift cover?

  • Administrative costs
  • Technological upgrades, web host, maintenance, and development
  •  Pastoral stipend for our spiritual leader, Gershon

We hope you enjoy this Holiday season and wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

B’Shalom, In Peace
Rabbi Gershon and Yehudit Steinberg-Caudill

Consider Supporting Ecokosher Rebbe Fund

This year please consider making a donation of $25., $50., $75. or $125. or whatever you can to protect and sustain Rabbi Gershon’s website and teachings.  To continue his legacy, we want to archive his teachings for future generations. This is going to take your support.

Want to pay by mail or phone? Or contribute monthly?

If you are a frequent follower of Rabbi Gershon’s teachings, you may want to consider making a monthly donation. If so, please contact Yehudit directly to set up an automatic payment plan. Want to pay by phone or snail mail? We can help. Just send complete the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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